Baton Rouge couple abducted, strangled has deep roots in city's history

Baton Rouge couple abducted, strangled has deep roots in city's history

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge couple who was kidnapped and strangled comes from a family which dates back to the founding of Baton Rouge.

Denis and Susan Duplantier were last heard from Sunday afternoon, and their bodies were found in a truck stop in Hammond Monday night.

"We are looking for two people of interest, but we're not releasing any other information other than that," said Hammond Police Chief Roddy Devall.

Hammond Police say surveillance video from the gas station reveals two suspects and a white Chevy truck with the license plate C-287533. The vehicle was last seen leaving the scene around 8 p.m. Sunday.

Baton Rouge police say a safe in the couple's home was found opened, but there has not been any speculation as to motive.

"It's really sad to see someone's life so tragically taken," said East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore.

The Duplantiers, known as Bubbie and his wife Suzy, were both in their 70s and had been married for 48 years.

"This couple really loved each other, loved their family, their children, but most importantly loved their grandkids," said Moore.

The couple was often spotted by neighbors playing with their grandkids or gardening.

Moore, who is one of the Duplantiers' neighbors, sees the tragic case with a duel perspective.

"This is unusual right here where we are, however this is the same scenario that's carried out every day all over our parish in different areas of our city," said Moore. "People ought to be outraged and indignant for every homicide, just not a select few."

The Duplantiers carry a family name rooted deep in the history of Baton Rouge. The family was one of the city's first.

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