OUR TURN - Our Support of Tax Renewals

. - Air: Tuesday, 10/20/15

If you've already done your civic duty by voting early in this Saturday's election, congratulations and thank you. For those who have not yet voted, please accept this as a friendly reminder to go to the polls this Saturday.

The State of Louisiana faces some very difficult issues and it's critical for us to elect a new governor who's up to the task.

For the people in East Baton Rouge Parish, we would like to encourage your support for the renewal of several taxes. The East Baton Rouge Parish Library millage will allow the library system to continue doing the work that has made it one of the best in the South. Likewise, the I CARE program in East Baton Rouge schools has received national attention for its good work. We urge voters to support that proposition and the others related to East Baton Rouge Schools.

Most importantly, we urge everyone to study the candidates and the issues and then take the time to vote this Saturday.

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