Neighbor: 'We heard a second boom and that's what blew the whole roof off'

Neighbor: 'We heard a second boom and that's what blew the whole roof off'
Source: Baton Rouge Fire Department
Source: Baton Rouge Fire Department

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There was a possible explosion before a massive house fire Monday night, which created some tense moments for the people living in the area.

It happened in the 2400 block of North Stevendale Road just before midnight.

The Baton Rouge Fire Department said a neighbor passing by told firefighters that he heard a loud boom and noticed dogs running out of the home and some of them were on fire. Officials said he added that he tried to help the dogs by putting out the fire.

Another neighbor described what he experienced.

"It sounded like a bomb went off," Joey Huerta said. "It shook the bridge. As soon as we crossed the bridge, it exploded. It was a large, large boom."

It took 20 units to get the fire under control with the assistance of the Baton Rouge Police Department, EMS, the East Side Fire Department, St. George Fire Department and Central Fire Department.

According to officials, the two-story home was a total loss.

"We heard someone screaming, so we went over there and ammunition in the house was popping everywhere and hit tree stumps. But luckily, we didn't get shot in the legs. Everything was going so fast that he said, 'Let's back off and wait for everyone to get here' and all of a sudden, we heard a second boom and that's what blew the whole roof off," Huerta explained.

Mark Miles with BRFD said no one was injured in the blaze. He added it may take investigators a while to determine a cause of the fire.

"Due to the condition of the house it's going to be a while before they determine the cause of the fire," Miles explained. "The two-story home was reduced to rubble. Everything caved in."

Miles also stated he never saw the dogs one neighbor talked about and he doesn't know what happened to them.

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