Judge rules La. must fund Planned Parenthood for 14 more days while legal battle continues

Judge rules La. must fund Planned Parenthood for 14 more days while legal battle continues

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana will continue to fund Planned Parenthood for at least the next two weeks based on the ruling handed down Sunday night by a federal judge.

The ruling handed down by Judge John deGravelles means the state dollars will continue to fund Planned Parenthood for the next 14 days, but it doesn't mean this case is over.

The ruling only applies to a temporary restraining order requested by Planned Parenthood lawyers. It asked for the state to continue funding the organization's clinics past Monday's cutoff date while the rest of the case is still in litigation.

The larger case in question is Planned Parenthood versus the state of Louisiana due to a series of controversial videos surfacing late this summer. Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to cut all federal funding to the organization, but Planned Parenthood claims doing so violates federal law. Officials with Planned Parenthood hope a federal judge will agree with them and prevent the state from stopping their funding.

The organization said Monday's ruling is a victory for women and men across the state. The following statement was released:

"Yet another court has said it is unacceptable for politicians to dictate where women can go for their health care. This case was never about Planned Parenthood - it's about the women who rely on us for basic care every day."

A spokesman for Jindal's administration sent the following statement in response to the ruling:

"Planned Parenthood is engaging in classic misdirection regarding the millions they have repaid in Medicaid fraud and their own admissions in the baby parts trafficking videos. Instead of going through the same administrative review as any other Medicaid provider, they are running to the federal courts and asking for special treatment."

Jindal said it will appeal the ruling, while Planned Parenthood is assessing the situation before deciding its next move.

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