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Governor Jindal's campaign reacts to article about presidential campaign finances

Governor Bobby Jindal (Source: WAFB) Governor Bobby Jindal (Source: WAFB)
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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign is running out of money, according to an article by the Atlantic.

The magazine wrote that at the end of September Jindal reported having $260,000 to spend. This comes after his campaign raised a little over half a million dollars and spent more than that amount in the third quarter. 

"We've built a lean and mean campaign with a focus on Iowa," said Jindal's campaign manager Timmy Teepell in regards to the article. "That strategy is paying off. Our support is growing in Iowa where we are tied with Rubio and Cruz.  We are running a strong grassroots campaign and look forward to earning a victory in Iowa."

"This is an election not an auction. We are running a lean mean campaign. We are tied for 5th right now in Iowa and plan to win it on February 1st," said Shannon Dirmann, press secretary with the Jindal campaign.

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