Pizza delivery driver saves man's life in Livingston Parish

Pizza delivery driver saves man's life

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A Livingston Parish man owes his life to a pizza order.

It all started Friday around lunch time. Dominos driver Ashley Williams, 23, was out on a delivery when she came across something odd.

As she was searching for the address, a man came running out of his home, clearly frantic. At first, Williams assumed the man was her customer. She slowed down and rolled down her window.

"He started saying call 911, and he's not breathing," said Williams.

Realizing something was very wrong, Williams parked and dialed 911. At the request of the operator, she followed the man inside the home. She couldn't believe what she found.

"I saw the guy on the ground. He was blue," said Williams. "I thought he was dead."

The homeowner told Williams the man had overdosed. Luckily, she had taken a first aid class that included CPR training. Guided by the 911 operator, Williams started compressions.

"Whenever he would gasp for breath every once in a while, it would give me hope that he was going to be OK, but I was really worried that he wasn't going to make it," said Williams.

First responders arrived within minutes.

They used Narcan, an emergency medication that stops an overdose, to revive the man. District Fire Chief Joe Koczrowski said in cases of overdose, first responders have a limited window of time to administer the drug. Koczrowski said Williams' efforts gave them that time.

"He would not have survived," said Koczrowski. "If she wouldn't have stopped, he would have passed away."

Koczrowski said he considers Williams, who is also a mom and a college student, a hero. He added that the patient should recover from the episode.

When the ordeal was done, as if saving a life wasn't enough, Williams still had to make her delivery. She said the customer was very understanding.

"He tipped me and everything," laughed Williams.

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