Baton Rouge area looks to make South Carolinians feel at home

LSU and Baton Rouge businesses to support USC's flood relief efforts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It may seem like any other Friday at LSU with tailgaters getting ready for a Saturday matchup, but Baton Rouge is doing its part to make this away game for South Carolina feel like a home game away from home.

"It's pretty quiet in here this weekend," said LSU tailgater Les Burl. "Usually there's a lot of people in here. We have RVs parked all over this place."

LSU fans know exactly how USC feels right now, considering LSU had to play a home game at Arizona State University in 2005 due to damage from Hurricane Katrina.

"It's tough times. I was here for Katrina so and I know what that is like so they are going through some tough times," said Burl. "I'm glad they can come down here and let us support them."

It's why the Gamecocks are being welcomed at the Baton Rouge Airport with a sign that welcomes the home team stepping off of the plane. It's also why restaurants like TJ Ribs will not only provide dinner for USC Saturday night, but will also give a percentage of sales to the Columbia, South Carolina Food Bank.

Another Baton Rouge favorite, Walk-Ons, is offering a traditional outdoor concert after the game, but is making the $10 cover optional, with proceeds going to South Carolina relief efforts. Walk-Ons managers say that they're going to ask for donations, and that they will always be accepted.

However, even though the city that bleeds purple and gold is helping so much, residents aren't forgetting what Saturday brings.

"We know that it's going to be a great game tomorrow," said Paul Arrigo of Visit Baton Rouge. "It's an SEC game and I kind of feel like the Tigers are going to come out ahead."

The game will air on ESPN at 2:30 p.m.

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