Political analyst: Quiet election season so far

Political analyst: Quiet election season so far

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Several big positions in Louisiana are up for grabs on the October 24 ballot: governor, lieutenant governor and even several legislative seats. Early voting begins Saturday, October 10 and runs through Saturday, October 17, except for Sunday.

Nearly 80 percent of eligible voters are registered to vote in Louisiana. That's more than two million people. Despite that, local political analysts do not expect that many people to show up at the polls between now and election day.

"Secretary of State Tom Schedler told me he thinks voter turnout will be around 50 percent. That would be unbelievable if it's that high. I don't know that it will be," said political analyst Clay Young.

Young said people don't like the process of having to vote and these days campaign paraphernalia does not catch the eye. That is because it seems like there is a never ending cycle of politics.

Which could be one reason candidates may soon need to make voters pay attention.

"The candidates are spending money on saying I'm the good guy and the other person's the devil," said Young.

But over the next couple weeks, Young said the candidates will be trying to fire voters up. Using more attack ads on radio, TV and through the mail.

With somewhere around 600 elections in the state, candidates will need to get those with no interest to go to the polls.

Young said the race for governor may not be as big as some of the legislative races.

"They will dictate what happens with the next budget crisis that's sure to happen next year," said Young.

He said people should pay attention to those who are running in their district. The other race that will be an interesting one to watch and one that's gaining attention is that of the lieutenant governor.

"The palpable dislike between Mayor [Kip] Holden and Senator [Elbert] Guillory because they're both fighting to be the other guy in the runoff. Even though one's a Republican and one's a Democrat."

Early voting can be done at any parish's Registrar of Voter's Office.

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