Washington Parish man faces additional charges after manhunt

Washington Parish man faces additional charges after manhunt

WASHINGTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A Washington Parish man was arrested Friday following a manhunt.

Brandon Spears, 32, was arrested and taken to the Washington Parish Jail. He is being held without bond.

Spears was sentenced to five years at hard labor several weeks ago for charges of possession of methamphetamine, morphine and oxycodone. His sentence was to begin when he turned himself into the sheriff which was scheduled for Thursday, September 24. Spears' attorney got the court to push back the date to  Monday, September 28.

However, Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal obtained a warrant for Spears' arrest after he failed to turn himself in to authorities.

A manhunt began after Spears fled into the woods near his home off of Hwy 62 when deputies found him there. Thursday afternoon. Washington Parish deputies and detectives along with a Rayburn Correctional Center canine team took part in the manhunt that continued until after dark and then resumed early Friday morning.

The dogs tracked Spears about five miles through a heavily wooded area on Thursday and then continued to track him to an empty home on Hwy 438 in the Stateline community.

Spears was found hiding inside of the home which he had broken into after the homeowners left for work.

Spears now faces additional charges of contempt of court, resisting arrest and unauthorized entry into an inhabited dwelling.

"Mr. Spears made very poor decisions when he failed to turn himself in and then fled from our officers. This is a good example of what illegal drug abuse will do to a person," said Sheriff Randy Seal. "He will still have to go to the Department of Corrections, but I suspect his sentence will be increased. Let's just hope his future decisions will be better ones."

"Our deputies and detectives did an outstanding job, and we are grateful to the canine team from RCC.  They are a great group of men and are always eager to assist us when we call on them," said Seal.

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