Sportsline Player of the Week: St. Amant's Briggs Bourgeois, Zachary's Lindsey Scott (Week 5)

Briggs Bourgeois (St. Amant) & Lindsey Scott (Zachary): Sportsline Players of the Week

(WAFB) - On Friday nights, there are 60 or 70 teams playing in the Sportsline viewing area, and close to 5,000 players to pick from for Sportsline Player of the Week. So occasionally, there might be more than one winner earning an invitation to our Warrick Dunn player of the year banquet.

In Week 5, the first winner was Briggs Bourgeois with the 5-0 St. Amant Gators.

"This year I've got to step up, you know, and make the plays when they're there. Make the big plays to give our team a spark and everything," said Bourgeois, wide receiver and kicker for St. Amant.

He is already having a great season with six touchdown catches in his first four games. Three of which he had in just the first quarter against South Terrebonne before being sidelined with a shin injury, but not before booming three kickoffs to the endzone for touchbacks.

"I think at this point he's scored nine touchdowns. He's our leading receiver. He was our leading receiver last year as a sophomore," said St. Amant Coach David Oliver. "And then, you know he tacks on extra points. Of all the kickoffs we've had this season, only one of them has been returnable. The rest have been touchbacks."

"Definitely we're off to a great start, and I have a good feeling about this season," said Bourgeois. "Maybe we'll make a deep run in the playoffs this year."

The second winner of Week 5 is Zachary quarterback Lindsey Scott, Junior. He was once a teammate of many Dutchtown Griffins, and got the best of his long time buddies Friday night.

"Pretty much half the defense, we all played pee-wee with," said Scott. "And Jared the other quarterback, we both played on the same offense when we were little."

He passed for 211 yards and two touchdowns, and rushed for 202 more yards and three more touchdowns. That included a game-clinching, 65-yard run down the sideline that gave his Broncos a victory in a 44-34 thriller on the night a Syracuse assistant was in the stands.
"You know a college coach that's specifically there just to watch him play. That's a lot of pressure on a 17-year-old kid, so I was a little worried how he'd handle all that," said Brewerton

"A sixty yard run for a touchdown to seal the game. It's like it couldn't have happened any more perfect right there in front of the student section and all my old friends," said Scott.

Scott was offered a scholarship to Syracuse which he has accepted.

"You know that's funny because my wife just said the same thing the other night," said Zachary head coach David Brewerton. "She said 'He makes so many big plays. You ever get bored watching him?' I said one's better than the next. Absolutely not. I love watching him."

This is Scott's fourth Sportsline Player of the Week award. He won the other three in 2014.

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