Business near LSU looking forward to bonus business

Business near LSU looking forward to bonus business

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU is hosting the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday due to the flooding in Columbia. While the athletics department is busy sorting ticket sales and readying the stadium, the stores and restaurants near campus are eager to case in what was going to be slow weekend.

It seems there is no rest for the weary this weekend, not that you'll hear anyone complaining.

"Everyone was off this week and now they're not off anymore," said Barcadia manager Kellie Heath, Barcadia manager.

Situated right off campus, Chimes Street and Highland Road is a natural hot spot for game day fans before and after kick off.  For two new kids on the block, Barcadia and Mahony's, football season has proven to be a rewarding challenge.

"It's just a bunch of people coming in, having a good time, wanting to have a drink, it's just a fun atmosphere," said Mahony's owner Gary Brown.

Prepping for the Saturday crowds, usually starts weeks in advance. This week, the news that LSU would host South Carolina in a last minute home game sent businesses scrambling to prepare for an unexpected crowd.

"We had a to book a band, we had to book two DJ, we have to order about $5,000 worth of liquor and beer and stock up on our food as well," said Heath.

Both bars have had to call in staff to work as well. However, Brown says he's thankful for another busy weekend.

"I'm looking forward to a great game day, Lenard Fornette running for 300 yards and a win for LSU," said Brown.

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