Environmental groups raise concerns about coastal restoration funds

Environmental groups raise concerns about coastal restoration funds

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wants the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to change state policy and move some of the BP money meant for the coast to the LA 1 project connecting Port Fouchon with Golden Meadow.

The CPRA is expected to vote in the next few weeks.

They would have already voted in September except there was an outcry from environmental groups and leaders.

All of whom were saying to allow the siphoning of funds from restoration would contradict what the state said was priority one and would corrupt the process.

"A process that was agreed upon, a process in which projects were vetted and approved and everyone agreed that this is how we are going to spend our money," said Sidney Coffee with America's Wetlands Foundation. "It's very important that we spend our money on restoration and protection."

The Governor's Office released a statement which read in part, "The La. 1 corridor ensures sustainability of restoration efforts, response capabilities and economic growth."

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