'We support our police' signs taking over yards in Pointe Coupee Parish

'We support our police' signs taking over yards in Pointe Coupee Parish

LIVONIA, LA (WAFB) - Take a drive through Livonia and you will see "We support our police" signs just about everywhere.

It's an idea Dudley Jarreau came up with in early September.

"Watching television at night, seeing the horrible things going on in the world today with these police officers in the line of duty getting shot, I just sat there and thought, 'Hey, somebody needs to do something'," said Jarreau.

Jarreau started collecting donations saying it was important to him to show not officers in Livonia, Point Coupee Parish or the state of Louisiana his appreciation, but to anyone in the country who puts on a badge and uniform.

"We laying our head on the pillow at night with our families and we're thinking everything is okay, but it's not. They're out there in the line of fire trying to protect and serve our state and our country and you don't know when you wake up the next morning, what you going to hear or see on the news," said Jarreau.

He ordered the first 100 signs and they were gone within 15 minutes. When the second batch of 100 arrived, same thing. In fact, Diana Canezaro waited weeks just to pick up some signs.

"They've been out so today (Wednesday) was my day to come in and get them. They said they was coming in. Hopefully I can get mine," said Canezaro.

The third batch of 100 came in on Wednesday morning. More than 40 of those were already promised out. Like Canezaro, many people already picked up their signs. That means there were only about 15 left to hand out.

"It's really overwhelming to see the community to step forward and show all their support," said Livonia Police Chief Brad Joffrion.

Chief Joffrion said it makes his job easier knowing he has support.

"People in law enforcement are certainly not in it for the money. It's because they have a burning desire to serve and they love what they do," said Chief Joffrion.

For  Jarreau, he said the signs are more than just a show of support. He wants them to also send another message.

"Let's stop this violence," said Jarreau.

Jarreau said he's been getting requests from other states to get the signs.

If you would like one for yourself, you can swing by Lanelle's Floral Designs in Livonia.

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