Baton Rouge Catholic high school students watch pope address Congress

Baton Rouge Catholic high school students watch pope address Congress

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Live TV coverage of Pope Francis was part of the lesson Thursday for some students at St. Michael High School.

"He's an awesome guy. I really think he's going to help our country, just his presence and being here," said James Albano, a junior at St. Michael.

Two dozen students sat in a religion class and watched the pope address Congress.

"Everything he says is very relatable to each person," said sophomore Trey Parker.

"I like his involvement with the poor," said Albano. "I like that he's progressive. He knows about social media."

Students listened while their teacher, Claire Thibodeaux, analyzed the pope's message.

"Pope Francis is going back all the way to the early days of America," said Thibodeaux.  "He's showing us how we've exemplified that through hard work we can be successful."

According to some students, what the pope has really been successful at doing is energizing their faith.

"You always hear about the pope," said Parker. "You always hear about everything he's doing, but now you can actually see him. He's here on our soil."

"Everything he says is just like, 'wow.' You just feel God's presence in everything he says," said Albano.

It's a special connection Principal Ellen Lee is proud to have in her school.

"To have our spiritual leader on Earth come into the United States is just an outstanding opportunity for us to see him as he relates to individuals," said Lee.

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