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Metro Council approves $4M request for new EBR Mosquito Abatement facility

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East Baton Rouge Parish Mosquito Abatement and Rodent Control can move forward with a new facility on airport property. 

No one on the East Baton Rouge Metro Council objected to the organization's request of close to $4 million for a new facility.

EBR Mosquito Abatement currently has $6.5 million set aside for the project, but the estimated price increased when they looked to include additional features. 

The money will come from a fund that is already set aside for mosquito abatement, meaning the additional funds for construction will not require any new taxes to be levied. 

The new facility is slated for a plot of land that is part of the Baton Rouge Airport and would include their own hangar.

The current facility is located about 1.5 miles from their airport hangar, which is currently leased from the state of Louisiana. They have to transport supplies, airplane parts, and mosquito spray back and forth. 

They will be accepting construction contractor bids soon, and if all goes to plan, the project could be finished by early 2017. 

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