Two Metro Council members run for Louisiana state representative seat

Two Metro Council members run for Louisiana state representative seat

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The race to replace the late state representative Alfred Williams for District 61 lost a competitor as the two remaining candidates vow to work across party lines.

The two remaining candidates, C. Denise Marcelle and Donna Collins-Lewis, are both Democrats who are currently serving on the East Baton Rouge Metro Council.

The women spoke Tuesday at the meeting of the East Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, a group that often favors conservative points of views.

Both of the candidates agree that improving educational opportunities in their district is a top priority.

Marcelle said she believes her political experience thus far is very important to her success moving forward.

"I believe the time on the council has been like a training ground for me," Marcelle said. "It's giving me a chance to walk across the aisle with Republicans and of course I'm a Democrat."

Marcelle's challenger said the state's budget is a top priority for her. Collins-Lewis said the next representative will have to be creative in tackling issues.

"I believe in a holistic approach, Collins-Lewis said. "If we need a good educational system, we need to have a great economy so when people come out of our systems they can get great jobs. "We need to put students on a career path if they're not going to attend a four-year university."

Former Metro Councilman Byron Sharper d ropped out of the race paving the way for one of the women to win outright on October 24.

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