Southern wins home opener against Jackson State, 50-31

Southern wins home opener against Jackson State, 50-31

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Southern beat Jackson State, 50-31, in the Jaguars' first game at home this season.

Southern improves to 2-1. The Jaguars scored seven touchdowns with sophomore quarterback Austin Howard and running backs Lenard Tillery and Malcolm Crockett each scoring two.

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Scoring Plays:

Southern quarterback Austin Howard ran for a TD. Jaguars scored a two-point conversion. (SU 8, JSU 0 - 13:33 1st Qtr)

SU's Howard threw to WR Willie Quinn for 45-yard TD. (SU 15, JSU 0 - 11:17 1st Qtr)

Jackson State quarterback LaMontiez Ivy threw to Dan Williams for a 24-yard TD.  (SU 15, JSU 7 - 7:23 1st Qtr)

Southern running back Lenard Tillery rushed 4 yards for a TD. (SU 22, JSU 7 - 11:32 2nd Qtr)

Southern running back Malcolm Crockett ran 1 yard for a TD. (SU 29, JSU 7 - 4:20 2nd Qtr)

JSU's Ivy threw a 21-yard pass for a TD (SU 29, JSU 14 - 10:35  3rd Qtr)

SU's Tillery ran 5 yards for a TD (SU 36, JSU 14 - 9:21 3rd Qtr)

JSU's Ivy threw a pass to Moll for a 21-yard TD. (SU 36, JSU 21 - 4:53 3rd Qtr)

Jackson State kicker Deising hit a FG. (SU 36, JSU 24 - 1:53 3rd Qtr)

SU's Crockett rushed 13 yards for a TD. (SU 43, JSU 24 - 13:30 4th Qtr)

SU's Howard ran for a TD. (SU 50, JSU 24 - 8:25 4th Qtr)

Jackson State quarterback Ivy passed for a TD. (SU 50, JSU 31 - 2:03 4th Qtr)

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