LSU announces highest enrollment in over 10 years

LSU announces highest enrollment in over 10 years

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU announced on Friday that total enrollment for its flagship campus is at its highest in over 10 years.

During an LSU Board of Supervisors meeting, LSU President F. King Alexander announced that more than 31,000 students are enrolled at its flagship campus for the upcoming semester, which includes its fourth largest freshmen class at 5,624 students. This makes it the highest LSU flagship campus enrollment since 2004.

Enrollment across all LSU campuses rose by nearly 1,000 students this semester. President Alexander gave special mention to LSU-Alexandria, which brought in 3,103 students, making it it's largest enrollment in the university's history, a record set in 2002.

"A special thanks goes to all of our enrollment management staff for their hard work and recruiting efforts, along with all of our faculty, staff and students for helping to make LSU one of the most desirable places to get an education," says Alexander.

LSU's enrollment numbers were finalized on September 11, the school's 14th day of class. A full report on the college's enrollment can be found HERE.

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