EDITORIAL - Recognition for Marshall Josie Wells

(Air: Friday, 09/18/15)

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Lee Semien. Semien represents a group made up of black elected and appointed officials from Louisiana and Mississippi. They're meeting in Baton Rouge this weekend and chose this occasion to recognize WAFB for the fundraising we did for the family of U.S. Marshall Josie Wells.

In Semien's words: We will never forget how WAFB and your viewers came through for the family of Josie Wells after his unexpected and tragic death. What an outpouring of generosity and concern. This impromptu effort raised over $50,000 in a matter of days. It also reaffirmed our belief in humanity. As we host our brothers and sisters this weekend, we can finally put to rest the age old question, "Are we our brothers' keeper?" Sure we are. Thanks WAFB and Baton Rouge.

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