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Contact 9: Denham Springs man distraught over auto body work on his car

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Doing errands is a little more difficult lately for Jamari Jackson. The 32-year-old needs a ride from a friend anytime he's out of the house. 

The reason is he's without his babies. Figuratively with his '73 Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible, and literally with his son, Jamari, Jr. 

The baby was 7-months-old when he died in a car crash back in 2007. Jackson's fiance also died in the crash. His car would become a tribute to his lost family. 

"That was something that I looked forward to enjoying with my son, a classic car he could remember riding in," said Jackson. 

Referred by a friend in law enforcement, back in January, Jackson brought his Oldsmobile to an auto body on Choctaw Dr. 

Jackson said he paid the shop's owner $5,700 upfront for body work, a new convertible top, new sound system, interior work and a paint job. He said he was told it would all be done in two months, but that didn't happen. 

"It's just been a hassle, all the way around dealing with it from calling him getting lies, to stories after stories about it," said Jackson. 

On his last nerve, Jackson went back to the shop Thursday. 

The owner, identifying himself as Mark Nelson, was not there so Jackson called him, repeating a question he's asked many times this year. 

"So how long do you think it will be before I can come and pick the car up?" Jackson asked over the phone. 

"We're waiting on a convertible top motor," said Nelson, who said he is the owner of Kustom Motorsports. "That should have been here yesterday. I would say tomorrow you can pick the car up. I'm a standup guy and if you have any problems, I'm not going to duck and avoid you. I'm going to take care of my responsibilities." 

"But it's been seven months so there shouldn't be anymore problems," Jackson replied. 

Jackson said he hopes the conversation was not just another round of excuses. 

He said if Friday the car is not ready or has anymore problems, he's going to report Nelson to the Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB offers advice to those looking to get auto body work done.   

"You want to pay for the job after it's complete and to your satisfaction," said Jim Stalls, President/CEO, Better Business Bureau of South Central LA. "It's a red flag if anyone is going to do automobile work and they want money upfront." 

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