New carpool app launches in Baton Rouge

New carpool app launches in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Jennifer Bounds is one of the many state workers who arrives at work stressed after driving through traffic from her Sherwood Forest home. Bounds is part of a group testing out the new Geaux Ride app.

The app lets people type in their carpool preferences and information, and then it matches them with people who have similar situations.

"And it linked me up with other people in my area who are also interested in carpooling, and immediately it linked me up with another one of my coworkers," Pound said.

"For the past, I would have to say month, about two or three times a week, she and I carpool back and forth to work and it just makes things so less stressful."

People can even be specific with the app, telling it what kind of person they'd like to ride with including male, female, smoker, non-smoker and other preferences.

Lauren Lambert-Tompkins, with Louisiana Clean Fuel, is one of the people promoting the free service.

"Were all leaving from the same places, going from the same places why not do it together?" Lambert-Tompkins asked. "You've got thousands of cars leaving these garages and there's only one person in all of them."

For more information, visit the Geaux Ride app's website.

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