Iberville Parish: Hundreds of blue bows line mailboxes in support of law enforcement

Iberville Parish: Hundreds of blue bows line mailboxes in support of law enforcement
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Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
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Source: Lee Rancher Walker
Source: Lee Rancher Walker

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - So far in 2015, 86 officers have been killed on the job across the country. In Louisiana, nine law enforcement officials have died in the line of duty.

In August, three officers were killed in a three week span. It's why one woman in Plaquemine, who asked to remain anonymous, decided to show her appreciation for law enforcement.

"This is my thank you to them. I don't expect anything back. I don't want credit for this. This is just me saying thank you for what you guys do everyday," said the woman. "Being born and raised in a small community like this where you're so close to our police officers here and I've grown up with half of them, it could hit home at any time. It's just you're worried about the people that protect us."

It's an idea she started with Sunday night. On Monday morning, there was a bow on her mailbox. In a matter of hours, her entire street in her neighborhood was lined with black and blue bows.

Since Sunday, she's made well over 300 bows, and is not able to keep up with the demand. Deputies and officers continuously drive up to her home to get bows for their homes.

"It's a great feeling deep down that there are some people that still support us and represent us by doing things of this nature," said Plaquemine Police Chief Kenny Payne, who also went by to get a bow.

Cindy Savoy is helping her friend not only by handing out bows to all the uniformed men and women, but also in delivering them to those who want one for their mailbox.

"We just trying to support our law enforcement," said Savoy. "As a mother of a policeman, with 26 years of service, that means that my son is out there fighting for them and they are supporting him also."

In the end, it's just a bow, but for the men and women in uniform, it's so much more.

"It means brotherhood. It's a unity. It's a thin blue line," said Iberville Deputy Troy Doiron.

"It's a unity of the community," said Chief Payne. "The citizens in the community are backing the police department."

Outside the woman's home, there were bows all over the poles ready for pick up. Inside her home, Savoy said the woman has been "on her hands and knees day and night making them."

As word spreads, she's only getting busier, but she's not complaining.

"Actually, I wish it would go off better than it has because I want to see more of them but yeah, it has been pretty big and I haven't stopped making them yet. I want to make more. I want to keep it going," said the woman. "It feels like it's not enough, but it's what I can do for now."

Because her bows give Plaquemine's law enforcement just one more reason to feel good.

"Makes me all tingly inside actually. It's more every day. It's more and more people," said Doiron. "Today, it'll be four people that will come up to me and say I appreciate your service. Tomorrow, six people. Every day, it's growing. When we see people that are supporting us, it makes us know we're doing this for the right reason."

Because beyond their badges, they're husbands, fathers, sons and so much more whose lives do matter.

"It takes a special person to do what they do every day," said the woman.

The woman delivered bows to the Brusly and Addis police departments. She has been giving the bows to law enforcement and their families.

Anyone making donations or buying them from her, that money is going to buy more supplies for more bows.

If you are interested in purchasing a blue bow for your mailbox, you can contact Dazzling Doors on Facebook.

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