Baton Rouge teen enthusiastically tries to end hunger

Baton Rouge teen enthusiastically tries to end hunger
Josh's End World Hunger shirt that is for sale online. (Source:
Josh's End World Hunger shirt that is for sale online. (Source:

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Joshua Mealy is in 9th grade at Tara High School. His only parent, his mother, passed away last week from kidney failure that had been a complication of a lingering illness. He is her only child.

Now living with his aunt, Josh is focused. He does not want his mother's death to stop a campaign he started on the internet last week. Josh Mealy wants to "End World Hunger."

His aunt is now his family. He told Angela Mealy about his dream.

"I told her because I've been trying to get this campaign started, that I wanted to help end world hunger," said Josh. "Some fellow students at school don't have food, and are hungry. I want that to stop. I talked to my church, Istrouma Baptist, we feed the Refuge Home every Sunday. I had volunteered work with them, and then I decided to branch out on my own."

Josh said he spotted a way for him to put his plan into action.

"I was watching TV," Josh said, "And they had a commercial for I tried it one time and it kind of worked! When you buy a shirt, it also raises money and you decide the charity. For mine, it goes to end world hunger."

The shirt shows the bold dream of this high school kid. "End World Hunger" is what it says, pure and simple. Joshua said he had thought about trying to put a picture on it, but he felt the message was strong enough by itself.

Your help is wanted. Buy a shirt, post this story on your social media pages. Joshua Mealy wants it to be viral.

"They're up for purchase of the shirt for $15 until September 31 and then the campaign ends," said Josh. "And then they send me a check and I will take it to the Food Bank at Refuge Home. Our church also volunteers over at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank."

Josh said Booster will let him repost the same campaign on October 1 and repeat the effort. He intends to do that.

I asked if there were any regular teenager things that he does?

"I like to play baseball and play my trombone. I play outfield, and I also play third base. I was the Istrouma Baptist ISO team," said Josh.

Mealy must sell at least 13 shirts for to print the first t-shirt. Can you help him out with that?

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