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Jindal focuses on Iowa, Donald Trump in presidential campaign

Bobby Jindal (Source: WAFB) Bobby Jindal (Source: WAFB)

Gov. Bobby Jindal is desperate to gain traction in the race for president of the United States and is focusing the majority of his attention on the state of Iowa, according to one local political analyst. 

"I think it's important to remember that Bobby Jindal isn't running for president of the United States as much as he is for governor of Iowa," political analyst Jeremy Alford said. "It reveals a lot about his political strategy, that he's not really running a fifty state campaign. He's focused on Iowa." 

A check of state records showed that Jindal has been out of the state for more than 120 days this year alone. 

"So Jindal was in town this week for a prayer rally in Baton Rouge and he made a joke to a print reporter that the weather was kind of like Iowa, that we're getting these cooler temperatures," Alford said. "So Bobby Jindal is in on the joke now, he's at least in on it and knows what folks are saying here. I think for years we've seen him ignoring the fact that he's been outside of Louisiana more than inside of it." 

Alford said that Jindal is currently attacking Republican front-runner Donald Trump to gain some attention. 

"The worst thing you can be as presidential candidate is irrelevant," Alford said. "So how do you make yourself relevant? One of the ways is you attach yourself to the lead dog and that's what Jindal has done. He is trying to be right there on the stage with Donald Trump." 

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