OUR TURN - Governor's Race

. - (Air: Tuesday, 09/15/15)

They're officially off and running as nine people filed paperwork to seek the office of Louisiana governor. Four of the nine have major campaign resources and a shot at replacing our current governor, Bobby Jindal.

With all the economic problems facing our state government right now, there's a good chance that the person who wins the election will be a just a one-term governor. That's because many of the candidates acknowledge and warn that difficult decisions will have to be made to put the state's financial business in order. Those decisions will inevitably make some people mad.

Our job as journalists and yours as concerned citizens is to pry as much information out of these candidates as possible before we go into the voting booth. We want to know exactly how they plan to fix this mess.

Oh, and by the way, those of us in Baton Rouge, would also like to hear a coherent plan about how each candidate plans to address our traffic issues.

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