Baton Rouge children launch campaign to stop speeders

Baton Rouge children launch campaign to stop speeders
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Speeding has become a nuisance in many Baton Rouge neighborhoods.

The city lowered the speed limit in several neighborhoods, but some residents claim they have not noticed a difference.

A couple of kids have found a creative way to become part of the solution. Dorothy Young said speeding has become a serious problem in her North Baton Rouge neighborhood.

"They're coming through here like they're on Interstate 10," Dorothy Young said.

The city has changed the speed limit on Breckenridge Avenue three times, from 35 miles per hour to 30, and now to 25 mph. But she and her neighbors said the change and a bigger police presence have done little to slow drivers down.

"Who's going to speed when they see the police sitting there? Nobody," Young said.

On the other side of city, children are noticing the same problem in their Oak Hills neighborhood.

"I like to scoot on my scooter or ride my bike, and I see cars zooming by and it scares me," Elizabeth Williams said.

Elizabeth Williams and her sister Julia said they have had a couple of close calls.

"I saw so many people speeding and I was riding my bike and I was just done with it," Julia Williams said.

Julia decided to do something to make drivers more aware of the speed limit.

"I do believe it will help, and that it will make a difference for everybody," Julia Williams said.

She created signs, similar to campaign signs seen during election season, only they are lobbying for everyone to slow down and reminding them that kids are at play.

It started with a blank sheet of paper and a marker. Julia Williams took her idea to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.

OLOL spokeswoman Kelly Zimmerman said the hospital decided to build and sponsor more permanent signs.

"Julia and Elizabeth came to us with an idea and said 'we are tired of people driving fast in our neighborhoods, help us,' and we said 'that is a great idea. We love it,'" Kelly Zimmerman said.

The signs are making drivers do a double take. Since June, Julia and Elizabeth have distributed more than 500, and they have ordered another round.

"To see all this happen is amazing, and to see how many people want the signs is awesome," Julia Williams said.

When the sisters learned some drivers in Young's neighborhood needed a little friendly reminder, they sent 9News with a few of their signs.

"Oh, that is wonderful. Drive slowly. Amazing kids. That is amazing," Young said.

Young and her neighbors are spreading the word. They said if it helps stop even one speeder, it is worth giving a shot.

The signs are free to the public. They are available at Lake After Hours on Perkins Road and also at the Drusilla Lane location.

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