Total stranger makes one LSU fan's dream come true

Kind gesture makes 80-year-old LSU fan's dream come true
Source: Kevin Frye/WAFB
Source: Kevin Frye/WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Purple and gold everywhere. The smell of gumbo, shrimp, and burgers filling the air.  Spending a Saturday at Tiger Stadium has always been a dream for Stewart Chaplin.

"I became an LSU fan back in the 1950s, when I was in New York City," he said. "The coach back then was a man named Paul Dietzel … I just fell in love with that."

Now 80-years-old and a veteran of the United States Marines, Stewart lives in New Orleans but has still never made to an LSU game in person.

That all changed on Saturday with help from a total stranger.

A few months ago, Stewart met two tourists at a bar in the Crescent City. He told them about his bucket list – about wanting to see a game in Death Valley.  They told them they had a friend that may be able to help.

That friend was Libby Thompson, a season ticket holder currently living in Arkansas. She offered him her tickets to the McNeese game.

"I have a soft spot for people who served our country, and he's 80 years old and I wanted to help him check that off his bucket list," she said.

However, when Chaplin said he no way of getting to Baton Rouge for the game, Thompson went a step further, setting up a chauffeur to take him to Tiger Stadium. She even gave the driver a ticket, too.

The tickets arrived in the mail earlier this week, along with an invitation to a pre-game event in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center and $100 in spending money.

The contents of the envelope left Chaplin in disbelief.

"Am I dreaming, is this real?" he said. Arriving outside Tiger Stadium on Saturday afternoon with a purple fedora on his head, Chaplin made his way to his seat.

"It just takes a little to pass on a random act of kindness and I was so proud to do this for him," Thompson said.

And although they have never met in person, Chaplin said he hopes to one day meet Thompson.

"There is no way I can thank her for what she's done," he said.

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