Thibodaux panhandler arrested, banned from his 14th store

Thibodaux panhandler arrested, banned from his 14th store

THIBODAUX, LA (WAFB) - A Thibodaux panhandler was arrested and banned from his 14th store on Thursday.

Wesley Smith Jr., 65, was arrested for disturbing the peace after he attempted to solicit money at a fast food restaurant. When he was refused money, he became hostile and started yelling and cursing at the restaurant's management and customers.

He was released from police custody, and about two hours later, Thibodaux police got a call saying Smith was soliciting money at another business. He was warned and was banned from that business as well.

Thibodaux police say this incident marks the 14th store Smith has been banned from.

Smith also has a 2013 unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and vagrancy charge. He allegedly went into a victim's home uninvited and attempted to solicit money. He was arrested, making threats directed towards the victim.

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