YOUR TURN - Airman & Katrina Victim Reunite

. - (Air: Friday, 09/04/15)

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Prenellia Thompson. Thompson and many others reacted on our Facebook page this week after they saw the story about the airman being able to reunite with the girl he saved during Hurricane Katrina. Former Air Force Sergeant Mike Maroney had been looking for the girl for years and his search succeeded after a high school student in Michigan posted about it on Facebook.

Thompson thought that was wonderful. In her words: I knew it would happen. My God, with Facebook, it was sure to happen. It is such a heartwarming story and I am so happy he found the little girl. It is such a beautiful picture, they were both filled with joy. To God be the glory. Thanks to the young man who posted and to Facebook.

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