Hand It On: Trevor's Wish

Hand It On: Trevor's Wish

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One in six American adults face hunger every day; one in five children. During September, National Hunger Action Month, there is a trend in Baton Rouge one precious, young soul began as his dying wish three years ago. We honor Trevor Sims today by keeping his wish alive.

We've all been deeply touched by Trevor's story. Remember? He was diagnosed with a rare cancer at age five. By age ten he and his family learned his cancer was terminal.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Trevor – knowing his time left was short – made a wish he shared with Baton Rouge: to feed the hungry. You see, Trevor and his family did without several times during his treatment, and he never wanted anyone else to feel those hunger pangs.

This story does not have a sad ending. Quite the contrary! Our community keeps Trevor's Wish alive especially during the month of September.

Trevor Sims believed it starts with just one person. In fact, he was often heard saying, "Everyone can do something."

And he was right. Mike Manning with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank explains, "With every dollar, we're able to generate five meals. So we can make go a long way."

Mike continues, "Trevor was a spirit that revitalized the food bank. I think his selflessness of thinking of others just because he had experienced it. He didn't want others to experience it, the problem of hunger. It really just re-energized us."

And it re-energized the entire community. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank serves more than 130 agencies in an eleven parish area spanning St. Helena, the Feliciana's; Pt. Coupee, Iberville, Assumption, Ascension, St. James; Livingston and East and West Baton Rouge.

"It really starts in September," Manning explains. "And Hunger Action Month helps kick that off. And it just so happens that Trevor, with his situation and his raising the issue, was in September."

WAFB used this week's Hand It On money to make a cash donation to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank in Trevor's memory.

"You know that smile, that energy," Manning remembers. "Is a spirit that can continue. And this is one of the best ways for to be honored."

This is the third consecutive year for Trevor's Wish. How can you honor Trevor and help keep his wish alive? The food bank relies on three things to be successful:

  • Donations of food, of course
  • Donations of money
  • Donations of people’s time

Those are the three pillars of their success. Without volunteers they could not do what they do. Last year the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank received help equating to 13 full-time employees from volunteers.

Donate. Volunteer. Give. Go to BRFoodBank.org for more on how you can keep Trevor's Wish alive.

Nearly 50 million people in the United State today are hungry or food insecure. Yet we throw away in excess of 133-billion pounds of good food each year.

It's time to stand together with Trevor Sims and take action. It's time to say, "This situation is unacceptable and we're going to do something about it."

"I know you just made him smile again," Mike Manning said. And he us.

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