LSU releases changes to game day parking, traffic for football season

LSU releases changes to game day parking, traffic for football season

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Filling Tiger Stadium on game day is not a problem for fans. However, getting off of campus is another story.

"It's terrible. It's hard to get anywhere. If you want to get anywhere around this area you need to leave hour and a half, two hours early," said fan Frankie Rusciano.

In preparation for LSU football's home opener, officials have made some changes to the game day traffic plan. Most notably, there will be no more contraflow on Nicholson Drive.

However, traffic will be pushed towards Burbank Drive, and routes heading back into campus will be limited. To do this, officers will use a method fans saw last year called directional exiting.

"It's going to be more of a forced direction. We're going to be pushing cars the regular direction going south bound. Burbank as well will just be two lanes going directional south towards those major arteries," said Senior Associate Athletic Director Eddie Nunez.

There is also a plan to have better control of the traffic lights in order to keep cars moving. Officials hope this will better help fans get to their destinations both near and far from campus.

"We're going to be offering some opportunities which will help our fans get home to our neighborhoods, but also alleviate some of the congestion that we had in some of these major points," said Nunez.

One item that will return this year is a buffer zone between pedestrians and traffic on Nicholson. LSU has also opened a few parking areas on the West side of campus, using a University Rec Field and the golf course.

As with every football season, officials ask fans to be patient and careful.

For more information visit LSU Athletics' website. There is a regular parking map as well as an interactive map which can be used to help fans find find their way.

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