Gonzales police officers impress Girl Scout troop with tour

Gonzales police officers impress Girl Scout troop with tour

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gonzales police officers met with an area Girl Scout troop to discuss the police's role in the community.

Girl Scout Troop 10166 met with Gonzales Officers at the Gonzales City Police Station on Sunday, August 30. Officers spoke about what they do, and the importance of parents not using the police as a threat, rather than encouraging them to go to the police if they have a problem.

"It's one of the biggest complaints the police has," said Officer Tyson Dennis. "When parents say things to their kids like, 'you'd better stop that or the cops will come and get you,' it gives children a negative mindset about who we are and what we're actually there for. We want children to know that we're the good guys.

Officer Dennis said that children must feel safe going to officers in times of need.

The scouts were treated to a motorcycle demonstration, which drew cheers and excitement from the girls.

"We love when kids come by the station to visit," said Officer Jimmy Dunaway. "It's always such a happy moment to see them so fascinated by what we do. Who knows, we might have the next generation of the City of Gonzales Police Department right there, so why not make what we do special for them?

The girls were allowed to crawl through the back seat of a police car as well. Gonzales Police say that the girls found the back seat cramped, and some promised to never sit in the back of one of those ever again.

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