Ascension Parish drivers worry about potentially deadly prank

Ascension Parish drivers worry about potentially deadly prank
Severe windshield damage from the thrown jug (Source: Jennifer Lavergne/WAFB)
Severe windshield damage from the thrown jug (Source: Jennifer Lavergne/WAFB)

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Some Ascension Parish drivers believe they were the victims of what could be a dangerous prank.

They said they were driving down the highway when their windshield suddenly shattered before their eyes. The women said what happened to them was no accident.

On Friday, Jennifer Lavergne was cleaning up after what she refers to as one of the scariest nights of her life.

"I still have glass everywhere. You can't see it. Obviously it is little shards but my arms are on fire right now," Lavergne said.

The windshield of her SUV is busted almost as if something big and heavy fell on it. But that is not what happened.

Lavergne said she was driving her husband and their two small children down Highway 621 when suddenly, out of
nowhere, her vehicle was hit.

"I saw bright headlights. Right after I said, those lights are bright, my windshield caved in and glass went flying everywhere. It sounded like a bomb went off," Lavergne said.

Lavergne said she stayed calm and pulled into a nearby business and called for help.  After seeing the damage, she said, someone must have been looking over her family.

"I know me, I would have got my hands off the steering wheel and closed my eyes and I didn't. I didn't. I kept my eyes open and hands on the steering wheel. I have no clue how we got as far as we did," Lavergne said.

Lavergne said when Ascension Parish deputies arrived they found a one gallon water jug not far from the scene of impact. She later learned others in the area had experienced the same thing.

Sommer Kuntz, who also lives in Ascension Parish, showed 9News pictures of her Jeep.

She said she was driving down Highway 42 three weeks ago when something suddenly hit her windshield.

"Bam! It hit the front windshield.  It busted the windshield. It spidered all the way down. We almost wrecked, pulled over to see what was wrong, and sure enough there's a big, size of a baseball size, bust of a windshield and it's just right at the top," Kuntz said.

Kuntz said after seeing what happened to the Lavergne and others in Ascension Parish, she is concerned someone might be doing it as some sort of sick joke.

"It worries me that things like this are happening and that almost sounded like violence was the intent. That's what really worries me about this," Kuntz said.

"It's eye-opening. You don't think something like this could happen to you and it did," Lavergne said.

A spokeswoman for the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office said, so far, Lavergne's case has been the only one reported to the agency.

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