YOUR TURN - Life Beyond Katrina

. - (Air: Friday, 08/28/15)

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Sharon LeCoq. LeCoq sent us a very complimentary email regarding our special documentary, "Life Beyond Katrina." The documentary is still available to view online at

Here's LeCoq's review in her words: Thank you so much for the wonderful special, "Life Beyond Katrina." I thought the piece was so genuine, truthful, and informative. I really enjoyed the interview with Kathleen Blanco, to see the struggles she faced with care, understanding, and Louisiana's welfare first on her heart. The stories of good things that happened among all the bad. My family missed most of your coverage 10 years ago, due to power failure. I watched several other Katrina revisited specials. WAFB's was by far the best.

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