Family learns tough lesson about tenants' rights after being evicted

Family learns tough lesson about tenants' rights after being evicted

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When renting a place, it pays for tenants to know their rights. Not knowing can hurt them in the worst one. A Baton Rouge family is learning that tough lesson and is now trying to find another place to live after being evicted from their apartment.

Raven Hausey and Terrel Richard said they were disappointed with the condition of their apartment at Sherwood Acres just off Coursey Blvd. They said that they had issues with mold and tried talking to apartment managers, but were brushed off so they decided not to pay rent.

"We elected not to pay and try to talk to an attorney maybe, so that we could win and see if they would do something about it," said Hausey.

Instead, they say managers gave them an eviction notice and put them out. Other callers to Contact 9 say they've stopped paying their rent because of problems with their landlord or apartment complexes. They too were evicted.

Sam Pleasant with the Louisiana Attorney General's Office said no matter the circumstance, people can't stop paying rent because they have signed a contract stating that they will. She said if you're having a problem with a landlord maintain or fixing something around the property you can choose to fix it yourself.

"If you've notified the landlord in writing and the repairs are necessary, you can pay for the repairs and ask for the landlord to deduct it from your rent or reimburse you, but you have to have substantial proof," said Pleasant.

Pleasant stresses to put everything in writing and hopes that piece of advice will be useful to people like Hausey and Ricard.

Calls to the management company of the Sherwood Acres Apartment Complex regarding the issues with mold were not returned.

If you do have issues with your landlord, please contact the Louisiana Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-351-4889.

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