Fallen Lake Charles trooper deemed hero for donating his organs

Even in death, murdered LSP Trooper continues to save lives
Lowering of LOPA flag
Lowering of LOPA flag

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sr. Trooper Steven Vincent will live on and help others live on through his selfless act of donating his organs.

"Even in his death, his organs, a healthy heart, healthy liver, healthy lungs, they were all donated so someone else will have the gift of what he has inside of him. To me, that is what a hero is all about and just having that type of deal really makes me proud to be the colonel," said La State Police Col. Mike Edmonson.

"This person is a hero times two -- organ donations and just in his life, in his job," said Wendy Lipsey, a survivor thanks to organ donation.

Lipsey is now a speaker for the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, or LOPA. She's alive now only because someone donated their organs, not once but twice.

in 2009, Lipsey needed a liver and kidney and was fortunate enough to find a match. But then early this year, they started failing and she once again, was blessed to get another donor.

"When you're dying, and there's no hope for you and you're given 72 hours to live and you are in a coma, and the doctor comes in your room and tells you they found a liver and kidney that is a perfect match for you and you are getting an organ that day, your whole life changes. You all of a sudden go from dying to hope," said Lipsey telling her story how she received her second set of organs.

Lipsey described signing up for organ donation as a gift that keeps on giving and in Sr. Trooper Vincent's case, that's just what he will continue to do ----  live on through others.

"He is absolutely a hero. Even after his death, he still lives on. He saves some lives. Those people are going to live on and their families and their children's children will always look to him as the hero, the man that saved their family member's life," said Lipsey.

Each donor can save up to nine lives. Anyone can sign up for organ donation at the Office of Motor Vehicles where a heart is placed on the donor's driver's license.

For more information, visit http://www.lopa.org/.

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