Contact 9: Apartment flooding leaves families without a place to stay

Contact 9: Baton Rouge families without place to live due to flooding
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Karissa Armstrong and her three young children spent most of their day outside, but it was not because of the nice weather or cooler temperatures.

"It's uncomfortable. I've never lived like this in my life," Armstrong said.

On Monday, inches of water began to cover the floor of her apartment. Next door, Caneisha Robinson-Marshall and her family faced the same problem.

"It was like two inches of water in my house - the whole house," Robinson-Marshall said. "Me, my son, and my husband - we don't have nowhere to go."

The apartment manager did not offer to help the families find a place to stay while the damage is being fixed.

Both residents said the manager offered to return their $200 deposit. However, they would like more than that. They want to see their rent for August returned.

"You literally need boots on to walk through this," said Keion Marshall, the sister-in-law of Caneisha and a frequent visitor to the apartment. "No one should be living in this condition, not kid, not woman, no boy, no one. It's not a stable condition for them to live in."

The two families live in adjacent apartments in a building on McClelland Drive in North Baton Rouge.

Over the course of the day, they swept as much of the water outside as possible with little success. They removed furniture from the house and stacked electronics on their beds to keep them dry.

"I was getting all frustrated and aggravated. All this water in my house with my children," Armstrong said.

For Armstrong, this flooding is just the most recent incident in a series of water problems. She said that about two weeks ago, water began dripping from the ceiling, forcing her to mop and clean it up.

Meanwhile, she called the apartment manager. Although Armstrong said they did visit to look at the damage, nothing was ever done to fix it.

"Now it looks like a swimming pool that turtles and fishes could swim up in there," Marshall said.

"I just want my apartment to be livable again, and for me and my children to be comfortable," Armstrong said.

Plumbers did arrive at the complex later in the early evening on Tuesday, approximately 24 hours since the flooding began.

The complex manager did not respond to a request for comment over the phone.

It is still unclear what caused the flooding.

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