Anti-Planned Parenthood protest draws dozens in Baton Rouge

Dozens form protest against Baton Rouge Planned Parenthood

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Dozens lined Government Street on Saturday to form a protest in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic of Baton Rouge.

Demonstrators held up signs and sang songs to make sure their voices and views were heard in their fight against abortion. Russell Marino, who organized the protest, said it was one of many that happened around the country. A devout Christian, he said abortion goes against what he believes.

"We are not here to judge," said Marino. "The people who do the abortions, or the women that have abortions - that's between them and the Lord. We are here to say it's not righteous and it's not right."

Religion isn't the only thing that drives the cause for Charlotte Bergeron, she says that it's more about the safety of women.

"We know so many friends that have been hurt by abortion," said Bergeron. "The cry from their hearts are so deep and penetrating that we just can't be silent about their suffering." said Bergeron.

The event comes just days after a rally at Governor Bobby Jindal's mansion in favor of Planned Parenthood. Supporters of Planned Parenthood want the governor to change his mind about cutting Medicaid funding for the center.

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