Hammond man arrested for exposing himself, battery on police

Hammond man arrested for exposing himself, battery on police

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge police officer working extra duty arrested a man who exposed himself at a sporting goods store in Baton Rouge.

22-year-old Will Williams Jr., of Hammond, was arrested Thursday on several charges, including obscenity and battery on police.

Williams was brought to the attention of the BRPD officer by employees of Academy Sports on Airline, where the officer was working extra duty. They suspected Williams might have been shoplifting.

When the officer advised him to pay for anything that might be in his pockets, Williams pulled down his pants exposing and grabbing himself, stating "that was all he had." The officer noticed this made several children cry and scream and pulled Williams' pants back up, taking him outside to a patrol car.

Williams resisted the officer, pulling away and trying to hit him while being taken out to the car. Once in handcuffs, Williams continued to resist arrest, refusing to sit in the back of the car and kicking the officer in the legs while attempting to put Williams in the vehicle.

According to the report, Williams told the officer he wouldn't get in the car and wasn't going to jail. He then began hitting his head against the car's partition, saying the officer was hitting him in the face and beating him.

Additional officers arrived to help assist the arresting officer. With their help, the officer was able to get Williams secured in the car. Williams told the officer he was in the U.S. Army and would have the officer fired. He went on to say "that he would kill me and then have sex with [the officer's] wife and children."

Williams continued to resist arrest even when in the patrol car, kicking the back glass of the vehicle to try and escape. The officers then used a "hobble strap" on Williams' feet to keep them secure and stop him from causing harm or escaping.

Once the officer got him to the BRPD bike office, Williams proceeded to spit in the faces of the officer and another who was helping to escort him inside. He called the officers racist and said "to let him out the handcuffs and he would kill officers." Once inside, Williams again threatened to have the arresting officer fired and later kill him.

Williams was booked into the parish prison on charges of disturbing the peace, obscenity, resisting an officer by force, battery on police, attempted simple escape, public intimidation, and simple assault.

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