Baton Rouge businesses want city to fix major flooding woes

Local businesses want the city to fix flooding issue

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Businesses on one street in Baton Rouge are tired of the area flooding, and now they want the city to fix the problem.

John Deng owns Omi Hibachi Grill on One Calais Avenue. He says every time it rains, the street starts to flood. With water reaching almost waist high, he says it prevents customers from coming in. He says he has contacted the city about the issue several times, but nothing has been done. Keith Menville, who owns The Mobility Depot next door, says he feels Deng's pain. He says his business is also affected by high water and it has gotten worse over time.

"It's gotten now to where a regular hard rain will flood this area to the point none of these businesses can get in and out," said Menville. "It's been a disappointing situation and it's time for someone to do something about it."

A spokesperson with the Department of Public Works said since the street intersects Essen Lane, which is state road, they are working with the Department of Transportation and Development to find a solution to the flooding issue.

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