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LSU's Cam Cameron: Teaching QB handful of plays 'short term solution, long term problem'

LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron (Source: WAFB) LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron (Source: WAFB)

By numerous accounts, LSU quarterback Brandon Harris struggled to learn the offensive playbook as a freshman and consequently didn’t play much.

Harris’ one start at Auburn was littered with problems involving signal calling and lining the Tigers up properly. LSU was throttled in that contest 41-7 and the Shreveport native was barely heard from again for the remainder of the season. Some critics believed the coaching staff should have simplified things for Harris to utilize his talents better.   
“Anytime you can be simplistic for us and create complex problems for the defense, that’s what every offense would want to do,” LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said. “Brandon Harris is more than capable to run an offense with multiple options. And has done that, on occasions. Obviously there’s one everyone points to. But we’ve pretty much moved beyond that. I think he’s moved beyond that. And I think we’re always looking to simplify what we’re doing and make things complex for the defense. I think that’s not going to go away.”
It was also suggested that if Cameron and the LSU coaching staff could’ve taught Harris just a handful of plays, the results would’ve been better than what Anthony Jennings delivered having a much better knowledge on what to call. The Tigers played Jennings almost exclusively after the rout at Auburn, opting for the low risk/low reward approach.
“If you go to any quarterback who sees himself in a big way,” Cameron added. “And you tell him, wouldn’t it be great if they had just five plays for you? He’s going to look at you like you’re from another planet. They don’t want that. They know that’s a short term solution and a long term problem.”     

Harris is perceived to have the lead over Jennings for the starting spot at this point. LSU will hold another scrimmage Saturday that could play a major role
towards who gets the nod.

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