Two armed men get away with cash during casino robbery

Two armed men get away with cash during casino robbery

GREENSBURG, LA (WAFB) - Two armed robbers got away with cash from a casino in St. Helena Parish, but thankfully they were ill prepared for the heist.

"There were four people inside the casino during the robbery," said Capt. Joe Chaney with the St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office. "They tied them up with tie straps, but they only had enough for three of them. They ran out of tie straps, so they told the last one, 'today's your lucky day.'"

When the two armed robbers entered the Whispering Pine Casino on LA 10, they disarmed the security guard who was stationed at the front entrance. They then tied him up, as well as a cashier and patron. The second patron was the one left unrestrained and immediately locked the doors, called for help and released the other victims.

"They didn't' get away with much," Capt. Chaney said. "We're still waiting to find out the exact amount. They did get some funds."

The incident happened Wednesday around 4 a.m. Deputies are currently reviewing surveillance footage and expect to release more information soon.

The suspects had on masks and fled in an unidentified vehicle. If you know anything about this incident, call the St. Helena Sheriff’s Office at (225) 222-4413.

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