Crime Stoppers: Hope, heartbreak & healing

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Hope, heartbreak and healing. The familiar path for so many families dealing with the murder of a loved one. Those journeys are different for everyone and every family. For some it's a longer path, for others it's quicker. For many it continues, as they look for justice.

The 1500 block of Marque Ann Drive is in the eastern part of Baton Rouge, between Florida Boulevard and Choctaw. It would be where the night ended for 24-year-old Ramond Wilford back on September 2, 2010, when he was shot and killed. The evening didn't start there though.

"That night we learned he and his friends were at Triple A Bar and Grill. They left and came over here. Not sure if something happened here, at the bar or weeks before that led to this shooting." explains Detective Chris Polito.

After hearing the news that it may be his son, Troy Walker went out to the scene, looking for anything.

"I went and stood on the side with the rest of the people, looking and waiting," said Walker.

He waited for two hours with the body still on the ground, staring at it from a distance and trying to see if it was his son. Can you imagine what those hours must have been like for him?

"Just hoping it wasn't him. Hoping he would just walk up and say surprise, it's not me," said Walker.

But it was Ramond, shot and killed at the age of 24.

This is not an unfamiliar event for that part of town. Three weeks before and three weeks after Wilford's murder there were two other shooting deaths.

"This area has seen its share of shootings and other crimes. The citizens need to get together and tell us what's going on so we can try and stop it,"
said Polito.

It will be too late for Ramond Wilford, but maybe another life will be saved. Speaking of another life, how about then 3-year-old Christopher, Ramond's
son. His grandmother, Wendy Walker, is helping to raise him now.

"He asks about his dad," said Wendy. "When is he coming back, where is he at?"

How many times have we seen this? How many more times will it take? Another child growing up without a father. Help is surely out there for this family. Just call Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867.

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