Lawyer: Jury finds former ATC Commissioner '100 percent responsible'

Lawyer: Jury finds former ATC Commissioner '100 percent responsible'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Six years in court for a one-time secretary to former head of Louisiana's Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control ended with complete vindication for Kelli Suire, according to her lawyer Jill Craft.

"The jury verdict, I don't think, couldn't have been any louder. They did not have to answer the question as to who was 100 percent responsible, but they did. And they clearly said it was Murphy Painter. 100 percent responsible," said Craft.

A federal jury was considering whether to aware damages to former ATC Commissioner Murphy Painter in a defamation case against Suire.

Craft hopes the resounding verdict will impact 10 other lawsuits instigated by Painter. 
Painter is battling people he said defamed him during a time when he was ultimately fired as the head of ATC.

He was accused of running illegal background checks on hundreds of people. Though, two years ago, a jury found him not guilty on 29 federal counts of computer fraud and making false statements.

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