Some Live Oak trees cut, others trimmed in Garden District

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Live oak trees are a hidden treasure for the historic Garden District neighborhood, but some are being cut down and others are getting trimmed. Some tout that Kleinhart is the most beautiful street in the city, and it is right in the heart of the Garden District. What makes the street so beautiful is the live Oak trees.

"The Live Oaks and trees define our neighborhood, and have done so for 100 years," said Garden District homeowner's president Eric Troutman.

William Fontenot has lived on Oleander St. and Drehr Ave. in the Garden District since 1975 and watched some of the trees get planted.

"We were neighbors to H Payne Brazil, who was the attorney who used to live in that house, who actually planted those trees, and they were about 100 years old," said Fontenot. "So it's a real shame they've come down."

In the case on Oleander St., the Department of Public Works said they are cutting down three Live Oak Trees because they're dying and old, and said that when strong storms roll through, the falling limbs from those trees, become a major liability.

Near S. Eugene St. and Kleinert Ave., Troutman said some trees had to be trimmed because just a few months ago, they were seeing an increase in power outages.

Entergy said they have had crews out all across Baton Rouge for several weeks trimming trees and other vegetation to clear the power lines and ensuring people don't have outages as often.

With several of the Live Oaks recognized by the Live Oak Society, Troutman said it's bittersweet to know some are trimmed.

"We know that it's necessary. These trees have been here long before us and they'll be here long after so we have to maintain them while maintaining our ability to function the way we're used to as far as our electricity goes," said Troutman.

Entergy said per their schedule of trimming trees every four years, the Garden District is coming up in just a few months.

Troutman said power outages have decreased since the trees have been trimmed.

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