. - (Air:  Friday 08/14/15)

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Gary Dunaway. Dunaway thinks it's too hot for our school buses not to be air conditioned, and he took the time to write us a letter about it.

In his words: I never thought we would still have buses that do not have cool air for the children. We live in a city where the mayor can make a deal and pay hundreds of thousands for a beauty contest to come to Baton Rouge. We live in a city that has giant buses to carry our adult population to their destinations in air conditioned comfort, but our children must ride in metal boxes in 99 degree heat with no cool air. What a disgrace. How can this happen in a modern city? Maybe we are all confused on what really matters. All parents should be on the one yard line of the city leaders to demand this be fixed quickly.

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