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Les Miles talks football future for LSU hoops phenom Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons (Source: WAFB) Ben Simmons (Source: WAFB)
Les Miles (Source: WAFB) Les Miles (Source: WAFB)

LSU head football coach Les Miles is certainly well known known for saying his share of wacky and entertaining things. That definitely continued Thursday morning when asked about LSU basketball phenom Ben Simmons. Miles praised the highly heralded freshman, then somehow quickly transitioned from the court to the gridiron. 

"I just want you to know, if he’s interested in taking some snaps for us, he could come over, very honestly, and I could give him a goal line position, where I could throw it to him," Miles said. "All that he has to prove to me is one thing – is that he can catch. If he could catch, and we would all predict in this room that he could, he would set the NCAA record for touchdowns. We just stand him over there and when three guys are on him, we’d run it, ok. When two guys are on him, we’re going to throw him the ball." 

It was quickly pointed out to Miles, that some fans would read or hear these quotes and actually think the coach was serious. 

"I am serious. I am dead serious," Miles said to laughter, "I asked [basketball coach Eddie Sutton] when I was at Oklahoma State, if he could send me a guy over there. How about that? All you have to do, is get me a guy 6’9 and above, and very athletic, with ball skills and I’m going to guarantee it. Why would we run a run, when we can just throw it over to that guy?" 

Miles also joked Simmons would also fit in well, considering the Tigers have two Australian punters in senior Jamie Keehn and freshman Josh Growden. So you think LSU head basketball coach Johnny Jones would go for the idea? 

"I think Johnny would have a fit," Miles laughed, before exiting the podium. 

The 6’10, 235 pound Simmons and the Tiger basketball squad is currently in Australia preparing for a series of exhibition games against professional and All-Star teams. LSU plays the Newcastle All-Stars this Saturday at 4:30 a.m. Central time. 

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