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NASA: Meteor shower tonight is expected to be one of the best in years

Perseid meteor shower (Source: NASA) Perseid meteor shower (Source: NASA)
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If you're looking to be entertained tonight and don't want to spend a bunch of money, there is one option that is sure to capture your attention - that is, if there aren't any clouds in the sky.

The oldest meteor shower known to Earth - the Perseids - is expected to be especially vivid tonight. 

Because of a new moon, there won't be any moonlight to "mess with the show."

Sky-watchers will be able to look at the sky, without a telescope, to see the show. In areas where the weather is good, you may be able to see one shooting star per minute.

NASA Television will bring viewers a front row seat by broadcasting a live program about this year's Perseid meteor shower. The show will air from 9 p.m. CDT Wednesday night until 1 a.m. CDT Thursday morning.

The program will highlight the science behind the Perseids, as well as NASA research related to meteors and comets.

The best opportunity to see the Perseid meteor shower is during the dark, pre-dawn hours of Aug. 13. The Perseids streak across the sky from many directions, with theoretical rates as high as 100 per hour. 

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