BESE committee approves proposal concerning indigent daycare

BESE committee approves proposal concerning indigent daycare

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There are parents who can't afford to work because they can't afford daycare for their small children, and daycares for the poor need help.

A BESE committee approved Louisiana Department of Education Superintendent John White's proposal Tuesday to expand the federal grant money already used for indigent daycare. It would also pay the teachers more than minimum wage.

"We've got a situation where you may send your to a public school kindergarten program; your teachers may have a masters degree. You send them to a childcare center, often times the teacher does not have a high school degree," said Supt. John White. "And why? Because we're paying the minimum wage. If we want a quality childcare system, we have to honor our childcare teachers by paying them a living wage."

If the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education gives final approval to the proposal Wednesday, the federal program would pay for all, if not most, of the basic daycare costs for the poor and working poor.

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