Officials divide DPW into 6 departments to be more efficient

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many people around Baton Rouge have complaints about abandoned properties, areas of town with overgrown grass and other such problems, so there was a meeting to discuss who deals with those issues.

It was part of the Downtown Development District meeting Tuesday morning.

The Department of Public Works takes care of all the day-to-day problems in the city, but the process of how that work is taken care of is changing.

That one agency is now divided into six departments.

"So now with the individual directors, they're able to focus specifically on their individual department, the budget, the needs," Carey Chauvin with DPW said. "We anticipate them being very responsive, much more responsive to the public."

All of the changes are happening behind the scenes, so the average person should hopefully only notice a difference when it comes to the quality of service.

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